Nissan Leaf Training Lab.

Nissan Leaf is the best selling EV around the world. Its system control is the best training system for EV training. we can supply complete training solution.

Nissan Leaf Training Lab.


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Toyota Prius Cutaway Model

Half cutaway car body. Cutaway hybrid system. LED light to display the engergy flow. Driven by electricty power.

Toyota Prius Cutaway Model

Product Show

Gasoline Engine Training Bench

Product Numbers:CLA0101

Product description:With Starting Station. Eash Move.


1.Real and operable electronically-controlled gasoline engine to illustrate the gasoline structure and working process

2.The training bench painted with engine system circuit on the panel.    

3.The training bench is installed with dashboard, fuel meter, and vacuum pressure meter to illustrate changes of parameters including the engine speed, injection pressure and intake manifold pressure.      

4.Detection terminals are installed on the training bench. On the bench, operators can detect various detectors, executors, electrical signals of engine control unit pins, such as resistance, voltage, current, frequency, and waveform signals.      

5.The practical training bench is installed with diagnosis socket, which can connect to automobile decoder to read fault codes, clears fault codes, and reads data stream from the engine electrical control system.

6.A throttle controller is installed on the bench to accelerate and slowdown.   

7.A master power switch, water tank protector, flywheel protector, and other protection devices, are installed on the training bench.       

8.The training bench base frame is made in steel and the surface is paint-coated. Self-retention wheels are installed to ensure that the bench is flexible, reliable and endurable  

9.Equipped with fault setting and appraisal system, include fault setting, troubleshooting and so on.

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