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Technical Consultant Expert

Dr. Yang Shiwen-Ph.D. in Engineering Date:2024-03-20Visits:201

Dr. Yang Shiwen

Basic Information

  • Position: Professor, Master's Supervisor

  • Field of Expertise: Vehicle Engineering

Educational Background:

  • Bachelor's degree in Military Vehicle Engineering from Beijing Industrial College

  • Master's and Doctoral degrees in Engineering from Beijing Institute of Technology

Professional Experience:

  • Extensive teaching and research experience, currently serving as a professor and supervisor for master's students

  • Holds significant positions such as a senior member of the Chinese Ordnance Society

  • Currently serves as a technical advisor for Coolifegroup

Research and Teaching:

  • Research interests include vehicle dynamics and control, as well as dynamic design of vehicles and engines

  • Teaches courses like Strength Analysis Technology of Power Machinery Structure and Modern Design Technology of Vehicles

  • Guides numerous master's students, focusing on talent cultivation and scientific research

Research Achievements:

  • Led and participated in several national and provincial research projects

  • Published over 20 academic papers, including articles indexed in EI

  • Received a utility model patent and multiple awards for technological advancement