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EVA01c:One Stop Solution BYD Dolphin

Category:EVA01c:One Stop Solution BYD Dolphin

One-Stop Training Solution for BYD Dolphin Pure Electric VehicleThis solution is designed as a standard one-stop teaching and training solution for the BYD Dolphin new energy pure electric sedan, aime···


The document provides a detailed overview of the BYD Dolphin Vehicle Body Electrical Training and Assessment System, designed for comprehensive training and education in electric vehicle technology. Here's a summarized breakdown of the different systems and training modules included:

  1. BYD Dolphin Vehicle Body Electrical Training and Assessment System:

    • Focuses on teaching and training regarding the low-voltage electrical system of the electric vehicle.

    • Includes practical measurement, fault detection, and troubleshooting for vehicle body electrical components.

    • Features an intelligent fault simulation system and a professional detection teaching board.

  1. BYD Dolphin Electric Power Steering Training and Assessment System:

    • Provides a detailed setup for understanding and troubleshooting the Electric Power Steering System (EPS) of the BYD Dolphin model.

    • Includes components like the ECU, motor, sensors, and steering mechanisms, along with a testing panel for diagnostics.

  1. BYD Dolphin Electric Vehicle Powertrain and Electronic Control System Training Module:

    • An 8-in-1 electric powertrain module that covers various key components like the drive motor controller, battery management system, and cooling system.

    • Offers insights into the structure, working principles, and fault diagnosis of the electric powertrain.

  1. BYD Dolphin Battery Management System Training and Assessment System:

    • Focuses on the power battery and its management system, teaching students about charge/discharge management, state monitoring, and fault diagnosis.

    • Utilizes an intelligent fault-setting system and integrates with digital training platforms.

  1. BYD Dolphin Air Conditioning System Practical Training Assessment System:

    • Dedicated to the air conditioning system, teaching component functions, diagnostics, and fault correction.

    • Equipped with a fully automatic air conditioning system from BYD Dolphin, including PTC auxiliary heating.

Each system comes with a comprehensive set of course resources, including PPT presentations, practical training worksheets, and micro-lessons/videos, aimed at providing a thorough educational experience in various aspects of electric vehicle technology. These resources are designed to help students gain a deep understanding of the structures, operational skills, and troubleshooting methods for each system.

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