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EVA01d: One Stop Solution-Customized

Category:EVA01d: One Stop Solution-Customized

One-Stop Teaching and Training Solution for EV ( Customized )This solution is designed as a standard one-stop teaching and training solution for the electric vehicle, aimed at providing a comprehensiv···


Consists of the following modules:
1.EV Battery Training System (EVA01d01a)
2.EV High-voltage Controller Training System (EVA01d02)
3.EV Motor with Controller Training System (EVA01d03)
4.EV Air Conditioning Training System (EVA01d04)
5.EV Steering Training System (EVA01d05)
6.EV Section Car Body with Electronics Training System

Comes with:
1.EV Car Tools Sets
2.All-in-One-Touch Screen
3.EV Scanner

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