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Technical Development Engineers

Lin Zeming-Master's in Engineering Date:2024-03-20Visits:218

Lin Zeming :
Degree: Master's Degree
Alma Mater
: Beijing Jiaotong University
Current Position
: CTO of Intelligent Connected Vehicles at Coolife Group
Work Experience
: Formerly employed at the Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Professional Skills
: Expertise in autonomous driving algorithms, involving key areas such as perception, localization, decision-making, planning, and control. These skills enable the development of advanced autonomous driving systems that can perceive the environment, determine the vehicle's location, make informed decisions, and precisely control the vehicle's movements.
: Developed several autonomous driving educational products and low-speed autonomous vehicles. Recognized as a "Ju Long Leading Talent" in the field of new energy and intelligent networked vehicles in Pingshan District.