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Technical Development Engineers

Zhang Jun-Master's in Engineering Date:2024-03-20Visits:193

Zhang Jun:

  • Highest Qualification: Master's Degree

  • Alma Mater: Jiangsu University

  • Current Position: Engineer in R&D Department at GAC Research Institute, CTO of Coolife New Energy Vehicle Teaching Project, Training Instructor.

  • Professional Experience:

    • Served as the Chief Engineer of Drive Systems at Mazda, responsible for the design, development, and optimization of drive systems, accumulating six years of relevant experience.

    • Led the development of new energy vehicle power control assemblies at GAC Research Institute and participated in the design and technological development planning of new energy vehicles.

  • Professional Skills:

    • Possesses profound automotive engineering expertise, particularly in the development of drive systems and power control assemblies for electric vehicles.

    • Has an in-depth understanding and practical experience with battery management systems, electric motor control technology, optimization of onboard energy systems, and charging technology in the field of new energy vehicles.

    • Demonstrates the ability to combine theory and practice in the design of new energy vehicle teaching equipment, developing devices that meet educational needs and exhibit outstanding performance, showcasing his technical insight and innovation in product development.